Beer brewing is an artisan skills that has been practised in the UK for thousands of years and we are rather proud of our brewing heritage.  Learn how to brew all grain on these range of beer brewing courses.

Beer Brewing Course - Craft Beer Brewing

Beer Brewing Course - Craft Beer Brewing


Beer, real ale, craft beer what ever you want to call it is one of the true great artisan 'foods'. It's natural, incredibly varied, fantastically tasty and even good for you. Learn how to make the real thing at home from the raw materials with our 'Brew Meister'

microbrewery 4 day

Beer Brewing & Setting Up My Own Microbrewery (3 day course)


This four day course includes a full day hands on course learning the essentials of all grain brewing, an evening looking at beer flavours and trends and further day about the practical essentials of setting up your own microbrewery. On the third day you visit an existing microbrewery and gain first hand the experience form the owner on the pitfalls & opportunities of being your 'own brewery boss'! It is ideal for those people who are setting up their own microbrewery now or have ambitions to do it sometime in the future.

Duplicate of Practical Commercial Brewing

Practical Commercial Brewing (General Certificate in Brewing) GCB (5 Days)


This 5 day Practical Commercial Brewing Course will give you the essential background to take the General Certificate in Brewing with the IBD. It's also an invaluable grounding in brewing for those brewers who are looking at setting up their own microbrewery. Practical Commercial Brewing Course leading to the General Certificate in Brewing qualification with the Institute of Brewing & Distilling.

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