Our bread making courses teach you another artisan skill.  Nothing beats the satisfaction of bread making at home in your own kitchen.  Our one day bread making courses gives you the skills to bake consistently good real bread in your own oven at home

What do our breadmaking courses involve?

Our breadmaking courses teach people about the art of artisan breadmaking by exploring the ingredients and mixing of the doughs, the art of kneading, shaping the dough and then proving techniques.  This is all done by hand before slashing the doughs and baking them off to produce delicious tasting and looking artisan bread.

Where do our breadmaking courses take place?

Our tutor Steph Clubb is an expert baker and food technologist takes the course in our School of Food in a converted Mill overlooking the River Wye in Bakewell.  Our groups are small with up to 12 people. Breadmaking is a great shared experience! Whilst Steph is a commercially experienced baker we bake on domestic scale ovens that allow people to go home and bake consistently great artisan bread.

What is the most popular type of bread?

The most popular bread made on the courses are definitely the artisan loaf covered in seeds which gives the bread a great crunchy texture and slightly nutty taste.

What is the most unusual bread?

On our breadmaking course we do also make a Couronne which is made from sweet bread made from platted dough and resembles a crown.  It was traditionally made at Christmas and was a bread which is a speciality of Lyon in France and is stuffed with dried fruit and nuts.  We also cover ours with icing sugar and they look and taste stunning.

Is there an increasing interest in breadmaking?

People want to know how things are made and also many people remember the days of their parents or grandparents making bread at home and how good it tasted!  But breadmaking is a skill that can be developed and enjoyed from 7-90 years old. There really is not limit for people who are looking to learn to make bread.

Top tips for making your own bread

  • Follow the recipe.  Too many people think that they can make up bread as they go along by adding more water or flour.  Normally a mistake!
  • Don't skimp on the kneading.  Bread dough needs to be be worked to develop all that lovely gluten.  It's also a great little intensive work out and the results are worth it!
  • Obviously, going on a great artisan breadmaking course can help perfect your skills or iron out any problems you have in the consistency of your bread allowing your to enjoy quality artisan bread made at home for years to come.
Duplicate of fresh pasta

Pasta & Italian Breadmaking Course (BEING RESCHEDULED)


This pasta and Italian bread making course is perfect for beginners and also anyone that wants to refine their pasta and italian bread making skills. Join Steph as she embarks on her voyage of discovery of authentic pasta and bread from around Italy. Bella!

Artisan Breadmaking course weekend

Artisan Breadmaking - At The Weekend - An Introduction (SOLD OUT)


This is a one day hands on introduction to bread baking with expert baker Stephanie Clubb. Learn the secrets of working with the dough and how to make a variety of consistently good artisan bread.

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